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Compromise agreements

08 Jul 2008, 14:58 by Joseph Neville

Labels: barrister, berr, compromise-agreement, employee, employer, employment

BERR has launched a consultation on extending the classes of people who may advise upon and sign off compromise agreements. The proposal is to add members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development - the representative body for HR professionals. The consultation can be found here.

Currently a compromise agreement must usually be signed off by a qualified lawyer. New Walk Chambers has several barristers specialising in employment law who can provide expert advice on compromise agreements, with nationwide coverage. In the event that you are advised to sign the compromise agreement, then your legal costs usually will be paid by your employer. Please see our full page on compromise agreements for details.

Written by Joseph Neville, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Employment Law and Compromise agreements.


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