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The Expansion of Direct Access Work

15 May 2013, 15:57 by Priya Bakshi

Labels: barrister, direct-access, junior-barristers, legal, legal-aid, public-access, solicitor

Direct access allows you to instruct a barrister directly, without going
through a solicitor. The Legal Services Board has approved changes to rules governing direct access work.

From 1 April 2013, barristers can take direct instructions from clients
who may be eligible for legal aid but have decided not to take up this option.

Further changes will also result in barristers of less than three years'
Call being able to deal directly with clients with the introduction of new
training. This will be in place by Autumn 2013. 

This will therefore allow more clients to go directly to a barrister,
and also allow junior barristers to undertake direct access work.


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