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Regulatory offences

15 Sep 2011, 10:47 by Christopher Knowles

Labels: barrister, criminal, direct-access, driving-with-no-insurance, lawyer, public-access

Many people will not worry about the consequences of committing such offences, e.g. having no television licence or driving with no insurance. They may consider that the risk is justified by the lack of punishment they would receive if they were caught and convicted. However, this is not the case. A conviction for such an offence can lead to the imposition of a fine and, in some cases, imprisonment. In the case of driving with no insurance, it could also result in a person being banned from driving. Such offences should not be taken lightly. If charged (in most cases you will be merely summonsed to Court) it is recommended that you are represented by a legally qualified person, as this can be a technical area of law and skilled advocacy is required to mitigate on your behalf. Lay clients can either brief a barrister through a solicitor or they can come direct to a barrister under the direct access, or as it is sometimes known public access, scheme.


Third Six Pupillages

28 Jul 2011, 17:15 by John Snell

Labels: barrister, civil, criminal, family, immigration, law

New Walk Chambers is currently taking applications for Third Six Pupillages.


Ancillary Relief

05 Aug 2010, 16:27 by Rebecca Fitton-Brown

Labels: civil, court-of-appeal, criminal, divorce, family

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a husband or wife who comes across documents showing that their spouse is concealing assets in divorce proceedings, can no longer use such documents. If the husband or wife has taken copies of such documents for the use of their legal advisors, it is unlawful and they must be handed back. It is not clear how far the use of any information derived from such documents may be restricted e.g. the mere existence of an undisclosed bank account.

This is in line with civil and criminal laws, but will make it more difficult to prove non-disclosure of assets in some matrimonial cases.

 Written by Rebecca Fitton-Brown, Barrister at New Walk Chambers specialising in Family Law.


Andrew Willetts appointed Recorder

05 Mar 2010, 17:32 by John Snell

Labels: barrister, chambers, civil, criminal, family, nottingham, recorder

John Snell would like to congratulate Andrew Willetts on behalf of Chambers for his tremendous achievement in being appointed a Recorder. Andrew was sworn in at Nottingham Crown Court on 10th February 2010 by Mr. Justice Flaux along with several other newly appointed Recorders.


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