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Family law hearings in public

10 Aug 2009, 13:19 by Rebecca Fitton-Brown

Labels: ancillary-relief, barrister, care, family-law, family-proceedings, media, publication, residence

The Family Proceeding Rules have been amended to allow access to family proceedings by the media and any other person allowed by the court. So you may now find journalists attending your care or residence or ancillary relief case! It is not clear what other persons may be allowed. There is an exception for "judicially assisted conciliation." Restrictions on publication continue to apply.

 Written by Rebecca Fitton-Brown, barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in family law.


Private Law Children / Residence

08 Dec 2008, 09:54 by Rebecca Fitton-Brown

Labels: barrister, children, cohabitee, family, family-law, paternity, residence


Mother's ex-cohabitee, who had treated the child as his own for the first two years of his life was given joint residence so as to confer PR on him. This was despite the man being found to be dominating and controlling and having covertly filmed the mother and child in their home. Mother was even prevented from informing the real father of his paternity and from introducing the child to him.

Written by Rebecca Fitton-Brown, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Family law.


Children Law

04 Dec 2008, 14:45 by Rebecca Fitton-Brown

Labels: barrister, contact, family, family-law, lawyer, prohibited-steps, residence, specific-issue

With the new contact provisions coming into force next monday, the 8th of December, there is a new court form: Form C100 will replace form C1 for all section 8 Applications (residence, contact, specific issue, prohibited steps)

 Written by Rebecca Fitton-Brown, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Family Law.


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